Installation Instructions

Please Note: Dry Box not required (used to speed up installation process at retail locations)

Prior to Install:

  1. Power off your device and/or remove battery.
  2. Clean your hands, device and work area thoroughly to remove oils, dirt, and debris.
  3. Identify each piece of the Ghost Armor film and visually align them with the device.
  4. Add 1 drop of liquid dish soap for phones and 2 drops for tablets or laptops to spray bottle (we prefer lemon scented Joy), fill with water and shake gently. Skip this step if installing our CarbonArmor, UltraArmor or DuraMatte Armor.

Installing Clear and/or Matte Armor:

  1. Spray a mist of soap solution onto your fingertips to avoid fingerprints on the adhesive side of Armor.
  2. Gently peel Armor off of the backing (avoid touching the adhesive multiple times).
  3. Begin applying larger pieces (i.e. screen and back) and work your way to smaller pieces (i.e. sides, edges, and buttons).
  4. Spray the adhesive side of Armor until the surface area is evenly covered without dripping but moist enough to maneuver armor into position.
  5. Quickly begin applying the Armor to your device by laying it down and aligning the Armor accordingly.
  6. Spray squeegee with solution. Firmly hold Armor in place making sure it is still aligned and begin smoothing the Armor by squeegeeing the bubbles and solution from the center of your device to the edges. Apply solution to squeegee as needed to keep wet while smoothing Armor to avoid friction burns.
  7. Be careful and avoid getting solution inside your device’s ports and speakers.
  8. After the Screen has been installed and squeegeed, lightly tap out any excess solution in the earpiece speaker(s).
  9. Let the large pieces of applied Armor dry before applying smaller pieces (It’s dry if it doesn’t move).
  10. Do not spray solution on smaller pieces of Armor (i.e. side strips, buttons, edges, etc.). Simply apply the Armor dry by sticking it to the correct spot and then letting it hang down and roll your finger over it to avoid stretching (Sliding your finger will stretch it).

Installing CarbonArmor/UltraArmor/DuraMatte Armor:

  1. You do not need to use liquid when installing Carbon, Ultra or DuraMatte Armor.
  2. Begin applying the larger Armor pieces by aligning it with corners and lines on the device (if alignment is off, just peel it off softly and try again).
  3. Use your finger to smooth out bubbles (if any) while it is being applied.
  4. If the device has smaller pieces either on the screen, back, or sides, apply them the same way as the larger pieces.

Notice: Upon installation, Ghost Armor may appear slightly hazy or bubbly as it can take 24-48 hours for Ghost Armor to reach optimal clarity. Do not turn on your device for one hour after installation. Keep your device out of cases and tight spaces for 48 hours to allow time for the material to bond with the device.

It is unlikely but possible for devices to get damaged in the process of installing Ghost Armor. Ghost Armor LLC® accepts no liability or responsibility if your device is damaged in the process of installing Ghost Armor or anytime thereafter.