Ghost Armor, LLC is a manufacturer, distributor, and reseller of electronic protection products, based in Gilbert, Arizona. The company was started in 2007, with its first retail location at Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe, Arizona.

Ghost Armor products include GhostArmor, available in clear and matte finishes, made from polyurethane film, originally created for military use on helicopter blades. Over the years, Ghost Armor has expanded the brand to include CarbonArmor, UltraArmor, and DuraMatte materials, which are available in vibrant colors and fun designs. The best material, combined with a precision cut, provides the maximum scratch resistant protection for your electronic device.

Ghost Armor, LLC has grown its brand by opening numerous corporate locations in the Phoenix Metro area and by authorizing licensed resellers to open locations to sell Ghost Armor products worldwide. Ghost Armor, LLC has also worked with the Phoenix Suns to expand their product line with trademarked logos and marketing within the U.S. Airways arena.

Today, Ghost Armor products can be purchased online at and at stores located in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Africa with additional locations coming soon to Asia. Ghost Armor products can be customized to fit individual business needs with custom designs, business logos, and matching screen wallpaper.

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